Preparing for any kind of interview can be very nerve wracking. It’s an “unknown” because, like a tennis match, you are never 100% certain which direction the ball will be coming from. As with a sporting event, the more time, effort, practice and coaching that you have, the better the outcome - AND the more confident you will feel.

‘Job interview preparation’ coaching sessions can be done in person and also via FaceTime or Skype. We will cover ALL the below topics with heavy emphasis on a defining your main selling points, practicing with mock interview Q&A’s, and going over responses to sticky questions so you can feel comfortable and prepared. We will also discuss what to wear that not only is flattering to you, but also sends a message of professionalism and an expression of who you are.

Here’s some pointers to help you prepare:

* Research the industry and company.
* Clarify your "selling points" and why you want the job.
* Anticipate the interviewer's potential concerns or reservations.
* Prepare for run of the mill interview questions.
* Line up your questions for the interviewer.
* Clothing - find a professional look and style that suits you.
* Practice, practice, practice.
* Start strong: how to make an impact in the first few minutes.
* Develop rapport with the interviewer.
* Be assertive.
* Be ready to handle illegal or inappropriate questions.
* Stay positive throughout.
* Bring a copy of your resume every time.
* Milk the "Tell me about yourself" question.
* Understand body language and use it effectively.
* Be prepared for "behavior-based" interviews".
* Send thank-you notes.
* Don't give up!